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> A gentle ping..

I'm not sure "org-drill.el" is still actively maintained. I'm Cc'ing
Paul Sexton. In the long run, I think this package could be packaged
through ELPA instead.

>> * etc/ORG-NEWS: mentioned this new feature.

Changes to "contrib/" directory are usually not mentioned in this file.

>> +(defun org-drill-pronounce-word ()
>> +  "Pronounce word after querying."
>> +  (if org-drill-auto-pronounce
>> +      (shell-command-to-string
>> +       (format "%s %s %s &"
>> +           org-drill-pronounce-command org-drill-pronounce-command-args

What are `org-drill-pronounce-command' and
`org-drill-pronounce-command-args'? I don't see them defined anywhere.

Also, please prefer `when' to one-armed `if'.

>> +           (shell-quote-argument
>> +            (substring-no-properties
>> +             (org-get-heading 'no-tags 'no-todo 'no-priority 
>> 'no-comment)))))))
>> +
>> +(add-hook 'org-drill-entry-after-hook #'org-drill-pronounce-word)

Could it be more integrated? Using hook is usually for users. If you can
modify the code, you probably can do better.


Nicolas Goaziou

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