I have a few tasks marked as `:STYLE: habit`. And I relatively often
finish one of those daily habits after midnight.

Yet, I'd like to count it as having been finished the day before, so
that day switch time happens while I sleep.

I do understand that the best fix to this problem would be to fix my
sleep schedule and to go to sleep before midnight, but, assuming I can't
fix this up, do you know if there is a workaround to either:
 * Make org-mode consider the day to switch at something like 4am
 * Automatically close a task as though it was the day before, 23:59

Currently my workaround is to close the task then manually fixup the
`SCHEDULED`, `:LAST_REPEAT:` and `:LOGBOOK:` lines to set them to the
day before, 23:59, but it's being… quite painful.

Anyway, thank you for org-mode, that allows me to be mildly annoyed at
things I wouldn't even have considered might become an issue someday
with programs I used before!


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