Cancel that, I was looking at a cached version of the page.

Thanks again for the documentation.

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Thomas S. Dye writes:

Okay, it's up. If anyone wants to explain to me the point of the
exists" clause in the SQL, I would be interested to hear. It
works as
expected this way, but is that clause necessary?

The 'if exists' clause protects against an SQLite error raised if you ask to delete a table that doesn't exist. The code will work without it if the table exists, but will exit without creating the
table if not.

Thanks for a useful addition to the Org babel SQLite
documentation.  I agree with you that Org mode tables are a
convenient way to enter SQL data, keeping in mind that table
columns can't be rearranged without changes to the SQL code.

All the best,

Thomas S. Dye

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