Richard Kim <richard.k...@synopsys.com> writes:

> About a year ago change 819e98afd018cad3c13fd58bfcbd979ab36dfbc7 was checked 
> in
> to remove code that restored window configuration when =org-edit-src-exit=
> finished. The net result is af if =C-x 1= is called to remove all windows 
> except
> the org buffer just edited. This is very inconvenient.
> Why not call =winner-undo= to restore window configuration as shown
> here?

I'd rather not add another dependency just for this. 

However, it doesn't mean the inconvenience shouldn't be fixed. I cannot
remember why 819e98afd018cad3c13fd58bfcbd979ab36dfbc7 was necessary. I'm
Cc'ing Matt Price.


Nicolas Goaziou

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