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> Hello,
> stardiviner <> writes:
>> After EMC testing, the latest commit " 04d2828ad org: Fix verbatim block
>> fontification to end blocks on headlines " break the inline image
>> preview....

I try to git checkout a commit before this commit in history. But unfortunately
this does not work. I might misunderstanding somewhere.

> Thank you for the report. However, I think more information may be
> useful, since « break the inline image preview » is rather vague. 
> In any case, I'm Cc'ing Tom Gillespie as he may know what is happening.
>> If possible, I think Org Mode should add test for inline image.
> Patches welcome :)
> Regards,

After I long time bisect my init files and Org mode repository recently commits.
I have not found what commit caused this issue.

I found this is because I have not explicitly require org-attach library.

Now I added explicit require

#+begin_src emacs-lisp
(require 'org-attach)

Problem solved. :)

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