On 1/6/20, Fraga, Eric <e.fr...@ucl.ac.uk> wrote:
> Tangling is for extracting code(s) from a document; exporting is for
> presentation or dissemination of that document.

actually i wasn't intending to ask for the difference.  :)  instead, i
was intending to say that i thuoght it was reasonable for a beginner
to be confused.

i think a beginner can reasonably think tangling is like exporting,
just a bit different.  not orthogonal.  so it's like "um, why both?"
i use both btw.

that probably soudns crazy so let me elaborate.  if extracting uses
subsetting, that can be done by the :noexport: tag and perhaps similar
things in babel.  if extracting is putting stuff in source code files,
that can be done by exporting to files.

so i think a newcomer can reasonably get confused.  maybe just me and
idk if i have derailed the thread.  in which case, never mind!

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