dunno if this is useful but i encounter mangled visibility all the
time.  concatenated headings and ellipsis at top of screen are the two
that i can think of that are most common.  undo-tree might cause the
concatenated headings.

On 1/11/20, Nicolas Goaziou <m...@nicolasgoaziou.fr> wrote:
> Hello,
> Miguel Morin <blind....@cantab.net> writes:
>> It's interesting that you are unable to reproduce the result. I have
>> Emacs 26.3 (9.0) on macOS Mojave 10.14.6. I have reproduced it with
>> `emacs -q`, so the problem is not my init file. Then I don't know what
>> the culprit is and am curious and available to try things to find it.
> OK. I can reproduce it. Actually, this is a _visual_ problem, the
> document is not mangled at all. If you do S-TAB on the document you will
> notice that everything is at the right place.
> I'm not saying there is no bug, but it is much less bad than I thought.
> I have no clue about the reason for this.
> Regards,
> --
> Nicolas Goaziou

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