When I export with =[C-c C-e h o]=, I found attached inline image links are not
displayed in HTML page.

Here is Org content:

#+begin_src org
,****** Strings are not Lists, but Anyway…
       :ID:       2fd354f3-ac7a-499d-9fe4-a76626bbdb38

In Calva Paredit, strings are treated in much the same way as lists are. Here’s
an example showing Slurp and Barf, Forward/Backward List, and Grow Selection.



The email attachment contains the screenshot of HTML page.

I used Edebug on functions, track down to the error function ~(org-attach-dir)~,
it returns ~nil~ when in exporting to HTML, but when I evaluate 
interactively under the headline, it works correctly.

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