I'm using tramp and remote ssh VM with org-mode v9 & org-babel  to
produce reproducible scientific document on web using ox-hugo. 

In this context, to describe my scientific workflow, i'm interested to
display html or markdown block content in my final exported document 
AND export this content as a file (bla.html or bla.org used as input
file for other scripts into org document) in my remote session.

I have a global header arg which define my session on vm  : 

:header-args:sh: :dir /ssh:rzine@multipass:/home/rzine/

To move into different folders using relative or absolute path starting
from this remote :dir i found some weird solution, and ask for other
answer by org experts here : 

But i face another problem, in the final document, i'm interest to
display and export html/markdown text, so i use BEGIN_EXPORT block.


#+BEGIN_EXPORT markdown

But is it possible using options to :
- export this block as file using :tangle, 
- on a remote :dir using option for #+BEGIN_EXPORT ?

I search a little on the org doc and on the mailling list, but i see
nothing like this.

Thanks for your help,


S├ębastien Rey-Coyrehourcq
Research Engineer UMR IDEES

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