stardiviner <numbch...@gmail.com> writes:

> And patches in attachments.

Applied, thanks.

I made some minor modifications:

- I added the TINYCHANGE cookie in both messages
- I replaced "ob-clojure.el: (...)" by "ob-clojure.el (...):"

In general, try `C-x 4 a' on a change, either from magit or from
the modified buffer: this will format a correct changelog entry.

Also, users may need to figure out that ClojureScript src blocks
need a proper environment to execute src blocks.  I.e. we should
recommend users to have their .org file within a ClojureScript
project -- I added something along these lines in the ORG-NEWS

If you want to contribute further, you'd need to sign the FSF
papers: https://orgmode.org/request-assign-future.txt



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