Tim Cross <theophil...@gmail.com> writes:

> Thanks for the response and work Bastien. I will check out the updated
> version when I get a chance.


> One point possibly relevant with regards to Clojurescript. I suspect
> there could be a reasonable use case when you consider clojurescipt in
> the context of node rather than just as a browser language. In
> particular, people have been using clojurescript to develop NPM packages
> that can be used in various ways for javascript projects. However, the
> right tool for doing this is likely shadow-cljs rather than clojure CLI
> tools - though it should also be possible just using the CLI tools.

Yes, I understand the need.  But the Clojure ecosystem is so rich in
tools that we need to get direct contributions from people using those
tools *and* Org babel.  Or at least make tests on how it could work.

I hope volunteers can help!



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