Hi Bastien,

On Sun, Feb 16 2020, Bastien wrote:

Hi Gustavo,

Gustavo Barros <gusbrs.2...@gmail.com> writes:

But the fact that
'completing-read-default' returns the refile location with a double
trailing slash makes me think there is still something to be fixed in

if you're not tired of the hunt, please tell us when you find what
needs to be fixed--since there is no bug attached to this, I'll set
this aside for now.

I'm afraid I have broken proper sequence of this thread unintentionally.
This strip you quote comes from a message I eventually sent 14/Feb 12:33, right after a message of yours at 12:29 in which you concluded:

From what I understand, this is not a bug in Org.  I hope you can fix
this somehow, maybe upstream.

The fact is that I was writing mine when yours came, and I didn't see yours until later. And when I did, the reply was:

I don't claim a problem persists in Org, and I was just trying to be thorough
in the testing you requested. And did so with pleasure. So...

From what I understand, this is not a bug in Org.

... if you are satisfied, I'm happy with that too.

Thank you very very much!

So, with the messages in proper order, I was taken the issue as settled.

If, however, you do think in my message of 12:29 I hit something which might be relevant, I'd be happy to pursue this further. I'm "not tired of the hunt", but I fear the issue might well be out of my league, so there is a real risk of me wasting your time and increasing the noise on the list. Besides, as reported before, it appears not to impact functionality. But, if knowing that, you would like me to do so, I'll be glad to try. In this case, let me know. Otherwise just:

set this aside for now.

And thanks again!


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