Jens Lechtenboerger <jens.lechtenboer...@fsfe.org> writes:

> Based on the treatment of meta elements for author and description
> in that function, alternatives might use org-element-interpret-data
> (author) or not (description).  I do not understand the role of
> org-element-interpret-data to generate author information.  

`org-element-interpret-data' means: "down with HTML, go back to Org
syntax". IOW, it mean the author is supplied as-is.

> Which “non exportable objects” can be skipped by that function (as
> mentioned in a comment in org-html--build-meta-info)? Should they also
> be skipped for description or title?

That non-exportable part is confusing. I think

  (org-element-interpret-data auth)

is sufficient. I pushed a change in that direction.


Nicolas Goaziou

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