On 3/18/20 4:58 AM, Norman Tovey-Walsh wrote:
Mark E. Shoulson <m...@kli.org> writes:
On 2/19/20 2:39 AM, Bastien wrote:
- org-hide-emphasis-markers => t
Just to note: I've been working on a minor-mode in which the emphasis
markers are "invisible" but not hidden (i.e. they still take up space,
size, so the extra space is not quite as obvious.  Does this sound
interesting to anyone?  Right now the code is kind of a mess, but it
could be refined.
Sounds interesting to me.
All right, then, you asked for it.  It's really very sloppy code right now; I'm just playing around to see what works.  Comments are kind of stream-of-consciousness, they may be out of date wrt what works and what doesn't etc.  But hey, have fun. https://gist.github.com/clsn/819a6463b1741eb465b310c39b4902a1


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