Ihor Radchenko <yanta...@gmail.com> writes:

> Currently, `org-flag-region' only removes one SPEC type of overlays:
> (remove-overlays from to 'invisible spec)
> If we change it to 
> (remove-overlays from to 'invisible spec)
> (when flag
> (remove-overlays from to 'invisible 'org-hide-drawer)
> ...
> )
> then all the extra drawer overlays in the flagged region will be
> removed. It will require re-creating those extra overlays later if the
> region is revealed again though. 

Exactly. This would be equivalent to drop `org-hide-drawer' altogether,
which we did for property drawers. You have to fold again every drawer
after each visibility change.

For the record, this is the initial bug `org-hide-drawer' was trying to
solve. Back to square one.

Also, we would have the same problem with blocks.

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