Nicolas Goaziou <> writes:

> - As pointed out, Org has a bug tracker : Emacs' Debbugs. See
>   <>. Org users do not send bugs
>   through it much.

(In the event that they do, should whoever follows bug-gnu-emacs refer
these users to emacs-orgmode?)

> - Considering the previous point, I doubt switching to a bug tracker
>   today would help handling more bug reports. It will induce more work,
>   though. For example, some triage happens currently on the ML: if
>   a so-called bug report is clearly a misunderstanding, someone here
>   often helps the OP without the developers interfering. This never
>   happens in the bug tracker Org has actually.

I wouldn't be so categoric; it is my impression that there are a number
of lurkers on bug-gnu-emacs who skim through reports that touch on
topics they are interested in[1], and will occasionally pop up to help
the OP.

At least I know I try to do so (cf. bug#41364, about org-mode as it

[1] I'm saying this based on off-list discussions that sometimes sprout
off bug such reports…  and based on the fact that I do that myself.

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