Bastien writes:

> Kyle Meyer <> writes:
>> Anyway, for the public-inbox archives at <>,
> I find the interface to be very useful.

I'm glad to hear that!

> Is it possible to make it the standard/official way to search through
> emacs-orgmode mailing list?  Perhaps by hosting it on or
> by having a CNAME pointing to it?
> Let me how I can help with this.

Making it available at sounds fine to me.  My preference
would be for the server to host an actual mirror of the
archive.  This wouldn't involve setting up incoming mail on the server;
getting new messages would be a "git fetch && public-inbox-index".
Hopefully setting things up would be pretty painless given that I
already have a working setup.

And, as a general note, I'd be happy to see others host mirrors.  One of
the great things about public-inbox is that it makes it easy to do so.

>> I've recently generated Gmane ID to Message-ID mappings and hooked them
>> up to public-inbox's altid feature.  The end result is that you can now
>> use the "gmane:" prefix to search by the Gmane ID:
> That's very useful too.  We would fix the dead links on worg.

True :)  In my view it'd be best to rewrite the URLs in a form that
includes the message ID.  That (1) makes it easier to rewrite them to a
different host/server if they break in the future and (2) lets users
find the message in whatever archive they prefer, including their local
mail, as long as lookup by message ID is supported.

If anyone is interested in the Gmane ID to message ID mappings, you can
get them with

  curl -d'' -XPOST | \
    gzip -dc | sqlite3 gmane.sqlite3

(Note that -d'' seems to be necessary but shouldn't be.  I haven't
looked into it, though.)

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