I think the last thing I'm missing before my Org set up is Absolutely
Perfect and never needs to be tweaked again (ha!) is the ability to
export Org files/subtrees to their relevant ATTACH directories, if any.
It might be overkill to have a global setting for this, but I would
love to be able to say:

* Report #25                                                 :ATTACH:
:ID:       3da327aa-b51e-444a-ae5c-95bb56d025a9
:EXPORT_FILE_NAME: report_25

Or maybe a property with an ATTACH prefix, I'm not sure. I find myself
having to use Google Docs more and more, for collaboration, and this
would let me use a package that mounts G-Docs on your filesystem, and
export directly there. (And it would keep my Org directory tidy!)

Has anyone cooked this up before? I wasn't able to find anything on the

I'm imagining that org-attach.el could add something to
`org-export-before-processing-hook', to check for the presence of this
property, and set/rewrite the EXPORT_FILE_NAME property, if it's



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