Eric S Fraga writes:

> On Wednesday, 26 Aug 2020 at 18:28, Kyle Meyer wrote:
>> Thanks.  Sounds fine to me.
> Hi Kyle,
> thanks for the feedback.  Some questions/comments:
>> Style conventions: s/added/Add/s/handle/Handle/
> Okay although grammatically wrong but we won't go into that... ;-)

(Eh, sorry about the lack of a space between my s/// expressions.)

I assume you're talking about using the imperative mood with the "added
=> Add" change.  I don't see what's grammatically incorrect about that.

>> I think it's worth noting here which Emacs version gained tab support.
> Just as part of the comment?

As part of the docstring, yes.

Also, I should have mentioned that because the option value is changing,
the defcustom should get a `:package-version '(Org . "9.N")`, where N is
probably 4.  (And of course a NEWS entry would be good.)

>> As you suggest in your follow-up message, you need to guard these calls
>> for the sake of older versions.  Perhaps something like
>>     (if (fboundp 'FN)
>>         (FN ...)
>>       (user-error "Your Emacs version doesn't support tabs"))
> Okay; is there any way to guard the customization of the variable so
> that the option does not get provided when it's an older version of
> Emacs?

You could conditionally set the defcustom value, but IMO it's not really
worth the trouble.  Either way I think the above call sites should be


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