> Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Take a look at org-link-make-description-function


TRS-80 <trs...@isnotmyreal.name> writes:

> Good day, everyone!
> I have been trying to create a new custom link type with
> org-link-set-parameters, which in turn calls functions for the various
> "methods" (for lack of a better term), like so:
>    (org-link-set-parameters "zdlink"
>                          :complete  #'my-zetteldeft-org-complete-link
>                          :follow    #'my-zetteldeft-org-follow-link
>                          :help-echo #'my-zetteldeft-org-help-echo
>                          :store     #'my-zetteldeft-org-store-link)
> The only one I seem to be having trouble with is :complete.  I can get 
> it to
> prompt me for completing-read, and it returns the link portion only, but 
> how
> to get it to also prompt for a description?  Here is my :complete 
> function:
>    (defun my-zetteldeft-org-complete-link ()
>       "Link completion for Org zdlink type links"
>       (let* ((file (completing-read "File to link to: "
>                 (deft-find-all-files-no-prefix)))
>          (link (zetteldeft--lift-id file)))
>     (unless link (user-error "No file selected"))
>     (concat "zdlink:" link)))
> I searched the Internet, this mailing list archives, etc. high and low, 
> all
> to no avail.  So I decide to join the mailing list today.  Probably long
> overdue anyway.  :)
> Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
> Cheers,
> TRS-80

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