It might be a change to texmathp.el. It is part of Auctex and checks if
math mode is on or off. I could not find align environment in the list
of default environments. Maybe that has changed.

However, I added align and align* to "Texmathp Tex Commands" from the
customize browser (open a .tex file to customize auctex). Tab-expansion
is working now. Can anyone confirm?

In my .emacs, it added to custom-set-variables:
'(texmathp-tex-commands (quote (("align*" env-on) ("align" env-on))))

On 8/26/20 5:44 AM, Kyle Meyer wrote:
> Stefi writes:
>> Hi Kyle, hi mailing list,
>> I also evaluated (org-inside-LaTeX-fragment-p) and got non-nil values
>> for all blocks, however, inside the align* environment, the "fr" does
>> not get expanded on TAB whereas it does in equation environment. So
>> either the matchers do not include align/align*, or there is something
>> different now with cdlatex.
> I'm leaning towards there being something different with cdlatex.
> I've now installed cdlatex from
> <>.  The
> file header says the version is 4.8, and the file's md5sum is
> 9246a4e9f30c9589406783ffd5270641.
> I tried your example file with this minimal configuration:
>     (require 'org)
>     (add-hook 'org-mode-hook (lambda () (org-cdlatex-mode 1)))
>     (require 'edebug)
>     (edebug-instrument-function 'org-try-cdlatex-tab)
> As you and Rafael report, "fr => \frac{}{}" is not expanded in the align
> or align* environments, while it is expanded in the equation
> environment.  However, stepping through the org-try-cdlatex-tab call,
> cdlatex-tab is called in all cases.  So it would seem that something has
> changed downstream.
> In line with this idea, I observed the same behavior with both the
> latest commit of the master branch (cdfc404be) and v9.2 (released in Dec
> 2018).  Also, as I mentioned in earlier in the thread, I don't see any
> recent changes on Org's side related to the cdlatex functionality.

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