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Here's my overview of the current state of affairs
+ done :: nicer overall theme + done :: make site work on a variety of form-factors + done :: nice features page (with animations!)  + done :: prettier home page + done :: new "install" page + todo :: content for home page + todo :: releases page + todo :: documentation + todo :: contribute page + todo :: any missed pages/content

Certainly shortened version of features should appear on the main page. Some remarks. I do not know how much work is required to update animated images. Maybe someone will give better ideas, so do not hurry.

- Source code. I may be wrong but "C++" instead of "cpp" can be more friendly to older org versions bundled with emacs.

Concerning motivation, it seems to be convenient to keep small examples intended to check if some feature works or how to use particular language construct in a single file in preferred order instead of plenty of independent files in some directory.

- Tables. Consider specifying of explicit format, e,g, ";f5"

Another idea of a table that likely could be implemented in a better way

#+caption: Heron's method for $\sqrt{2}$
| iteration | approximation |    error |
|         ! |           cur |      err |
|         0 |           1.0 |  4.1e-01 |
|         1 | 1.50000000000 | -8.6e-02 |
|         2 | 1.41666666667 | -2.5e-03 |
|         3 | 1.41421568628 | -2.1e-06 |
|         4 | 1.41421356238 | -1.0e-11 |
#+TBLFM: @4$1..$1=@-1+1::@4$2..$2=(0.5*(@-1+$arg/@-1));f11::@3$3..$3=$result - $cur;%.1e
#+CONSTANTS: arg=2.0 result=sqrt(2)

- Folding. Maybe it is better to show cycle for the top-level heading

# screen edge
last line of the previous section
* Section
Maybe single line
** Short subsection
a couple of lines
with some text
** Longer subsection
has more
# screen edge when everything is open
* Maybe something else

1. Initial state: everything is open
2. Cycle of visibility for top level section till section is open, subsections are folded
3 open first subsection

- Publishing. Something wrong with HTML export of the LaTeX macro, backslashes are exported in description (just as on orgmode.org). Empty braces are necessary only if space should be kept after a TeX command, e.g. "\TeX{} logo", Unsure if math mode separator is required, but it should allow omit braces. I have tried "@@latex:\\@@LaTeX". It works, but newline is inserted before. I believe, it is OK to use just text LaTeX in e.g. HTML.

Installation page

I am uncertain if it is applicable for other editors, but I would like to see name of vim plugin since ambiguity (or matter of taste) exists.. FAQ suggests other vim plugins. I do not remember if I saw vim-outliner somewhere on orgmode.org. I have not tried any of these plugins.

Certainly all above is an opinion and it is up to you whether to accept or to reject such suggestions.

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