Hi there, 

First thanks again guys for all the works you doing on org-mode !

I'm searching a way or an example of workflow for such a thing i consider as a 
common pattern for reproductibility
(reproductible papers in science for example).

For example, i'm starting writing a blog post with org-mode and org-babel to 
deploy, for example, a nixOS system on a
VPS. I wrote some bash scripts and a configuration.nix for nixOS which contains 
my gpg key, my vps password, and so
on... When everything works right, i'm ready to publish my full working 
tutorial on web.

BUT as you imagine, i don't want to share secrets/password ... 

- A first solution was to replace password by some "foo-bar" things, but doing 
that i lost all the reproductibility of
this script in the future ... so this is silly.

- A second solution, i suppose, was to dynamically choose if i want to replace 
or not password/secrets/etc by "foo-bar"
things during tangle/export of the script. 

Because i'm not an expert in org-babel headers (so much possibilities ...), if 
you have some ready to go template/script
to do that into org-babel, i'm interested !

Best !


S├ębastien Rey-Coyrehourcq
Research Engineer UMR IDEES

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