On Fri, Aug 06 2021, Thomas S. Dye wrote:
> Yes, I have set the basic follow processor and org-open-at-point takes
> me to the .bib file at the entry for the key at point.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the time yet to update Ebib for the new
functionality. Ebib needs to implement a follow processor so that
`org-open-at-point` takes you to the entry in Ebib.

> Surprisingly (to me), M-x ebib sometimes displays the entry for the key
> at point, too.

That's because when you start Ebib with `M-x ebib` (or a key bound to that
function, of course), it checks to see if point is at something that looks like
a key and tries to find a corresponding entry in the current database. That
functionality is not customisable and not very well implemented, so it doesn't
always work. (Also, if point is at the `cite` prefix, it doesn't work.)

Joost Kremers
Life has its moments

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