Pascal Quesseveur <> writes:

> From time to time I work on files mounted from a remote host which is
> late compared to my pc.  Then I encounter errors when producing files
> from Org:
> File xxx wasn't produced
> But the file is produced and is up-to-date. The error message comes
> from org-compile-file. In that function the test is to compare the
> date at the start of function with the date of the produced file. I
> don't know if it's still the case in recent versions, but I think it
> could be changed. For example, instead of using the date at the start
> of the function, we could use the date of the file if it already
> exists
> (time (if (file-exists-p output)
>             (file-attribute-modification-time (file-attributes output))
>           '(0 0 0 0)))


Sorry for the late reply.
This kind of use-case is indeed not considered by our code.
However, your suggestion will only provide a partial fix - when an older
file already exists in the remote folder.

May be there a way to get time on remote server?

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