pp-max-width has been introduced in Emacs 29.
The fact that pp becomes too slow is likely something to be fixed before
the next Emacs release.

Good catch and I agree. I compile emacs from the master branch and probably 
discovered in the emacs-news which I check between upgrades and I probably 
customized it subsequently, even though I forgot about the customization later.

While we can work around this issue on Org side, I'd prefer to ask Emacs
developers first and see if they can come up with a fix.

I suggest you to file a bug report to Emacs.
You may provide the contents of your org-persist-index-file inside
org-persist-directory. AFAIU, it is what is taking a lot of time to

I submitted a bug report where I attached the index file and a minimal example 
file which benchmarks running pp on it, with which I could reproduce my issue 
from emacs -Q:


Let's see what the emacs devs have to say about it.
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