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> I'm trying to take some notes and explain things (to myself, to
> others). So org babel it is, yay!
> ...
> But alas, the result has some noise:
>   #+RESULTS: mklst/test/0
>   :results:
>   (a 22 "foo")
>   While executing meta-command:
>   Wrong type to apply: #t
>   scheme@(guile-user)>
>   :end:
> (the first line is the expected result; the two following ones I don't
> know where they come from, and the third is, AFAICS, noises from Geiser
> chewing in the background (org babel seems to start a Geiser session).
> Is that intended behaviour?

May be related to https://orgmode.org/list/m2czakgpk8....@me.com.

Can someone with scheme installed try to reproduce on the latest main?

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