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> +  #+vindex: org-clock-in-switch-to-state
> +  #+vindex: org-clock-in-next-state
> +  #+findex: org-clock-in-next-state-function
> +  The variable ~org-clock-in-switch-to-state~ controls if and how a
> +  current task's TODO state is changed.  No change (a ~nil~) is the
> +  default.  A specific state may be forced with a string value.  The
> +  ~org-clock-in-next-state~ alist may be utilized by setting it to
> +  ~org-clock-in-next-state-function~, or a custom function may be
> +  used.  This custom function should take the current state, and
> +  return either a new state or ~nil~ to keep the current state.

First of all, thanks for the patch!

However, it is not clear for me what is the purpose of this new feature
(even after reading the proposed patch to the manual).

Could you please explain in simple words when your new feature can be

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