At Tue, 30 Jun 2009 11:27:22 +0200,
Stefan Vollmar wrote:
> Hello,
> this might be an important glitch in org-mode's documentation:
> %%(diary-anniversary 14 5 1956) Arthur Dent is %d years old
> probably should read
> %%(diary-anniversary 05 14 1956) Arthur Dent is %d years old
> if Douglas Adams had May in mind for Mr Dent.
> So according to the Emacs documentation the format is "month day year"
> which feels distinctly alien to me (I am used to "day month year"). Is
> there another way to have the same functionality with a different date
> format?

The format of dates in Emacs' Diary is controlled by diary-date-forms
which you can customise if you wish.  There are pre-defined forms for
european, american and iso-date.  Type 

C-h v diary-date-forms 

for full help.

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