Hi Carsten and everyone. I love using org-feed, to gather various collection points (delicious, starred in google reader, dial2do, etc) into org-mode.

I tried switching the org-feed-retrieve-method to curl or wget, and encountered some bugs. The fixes were simple, and the full details are in the attached git patch.

The problem I was trying to solve, however, was that delicious.com would return a "500 server error" sometimes with url.el, and I'm not sure why. It returns RSS content anyway, with the error message as an <item>. Org-feed doesn't notice the HTTP response status, and processes the error as if it were a legit item (which means that next time the error occurs, it is silent). Now that I got curl working, the 500 doesn't seem to happen anymore.

My hypotheses so far: maybe it has something to do with the user- agent, or with mangling special characters in the URL. The delicious URL contains the '&' argument separator, and when the error message comes back, it appears with something like '&amp;amp;' in it.. as if it were replaced twice. I haven't traced further, to determine if fault lies with url.el or with delicious.com.

Best wishes

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