I think I found a way to consistently reproduce the issue:
* h1
* h2
* h3
* h4
Collapse all. All is fine at this time.
At pos-min call (query-replace) bbb -> zzz: Already when asking whether to
replace it cannot expand. h2 and h3 are expansion is broken.
(org-fold-core--clear-isearch-overlays) repairs it.
At pos-max (query-replace) bbb -> zzz does not find a match, and does not
break the expansion.

Am Do., 11. Mai 2023 um 11:47 Uhr schrieb Ihor Radchenko <

> William Denton <w...@pobox.com> writes:
> >> Does it also help if you run M-:
> (org-fold-core--clear-isearch-overlays)?
> >
> > That worked!  I just had the problem.  I ran that, and the tree popped
> open!
> Do you use evil-mode?
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