"Christopher M. Miles" <numbch...@gmail.com> writes:

>>> #+begin_src emacs-lisp
>>> (let ((bound-tags (seq-filter 'cdr temp-fulltable)))
>>>   (if (length> bound-tags 0)
>>>       bound-tags
>>>     (seq-take temp-fulltable 26)))
>>> #+end_src
>> This will unconditionally drop auto-labeled tags when user-bound tags
>> exist, even if the total number of tags in buffer does not exceed 26.
> I try to read the source code of `org-fast-tag-selection', but the code is 
> hard to read.

Yeah. I agree. But we have what we have.

> I don't know how to keep auto-labeled tags. Do you have any suggestions?

You are almost there.
Just run your code only when (lentgh> fulltable 26).

Of course, 26 should be a defcustom rather than a hard-coded constant.
And do the same for `org-fast-todo-selection'.

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