Bruno Cardoso <> writes:

> The Eldoc interface `eldoc-print-current-symbol-info' works everywhere just 
> fine for me (Emacs
> 28.2), but it does not work inside org source blocks for elisp code. Yet, 
> reverting to the
> obsolete `elisp-eldoc-documentation-function' in org-eldoc's
> `org-eldoc-documentation-function' works (see below). I tested it both in my 
> own config and
> "emacs -Q" with same results.

Note that org-eldoc is not a part of Org. We only provide a minimal
maintenance until someone takes over it. See

Your change to obsolete function is questionable. So, this change is at
least non-trivial. Unfortunately, this falls beyond the level of
maintenance we can offer here.

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