Konstantinos Chousos <kon.chou...@gmail.com> writes:

> I recently started to dabble with typst (<https://typst.app/>) and found
> it similiar to writing in org and exporting to LaTeX.

Seen that. Looks interesting. Licensed under Apache 2.0 (GPL-compatible).
But very young - first pre-release this year.

> I was wondering
> though if there were any plans to develop a typst exporter for
> org-mode, or if there are any relevant resources you could point me
> to.

Not for Org core - we do not know yet if it is even going to stick around in
the long term. But you are free to develop the exporter as a package.

If you need resources how to write a new export backend, see
https://orgmode.org/worg/dev/org-export-reference.html and various
lisp/ox-*.el files in Org.

Feel free to ask anything if you need more information.

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