By the way, using Ihor's suggestion, I was able to debug the issue. There is 
nothing wrong with my configuration. The issue is that the font cannot deal 
with that symbol, and LaTeX just skips it. Still, it would be convenient not to 
have to create a separate .tex to debug the preview. Thanks!

On Jun 5, 2023 at 11:34 AM, Edgar Lux <> wrote:When using 
xetex and dvisvgm, an equation like this:


will render as p (see attached file), most likely because my configuration is
wrong. I don't know how I fixed it for another buffer, but then I restart
and--without knowing what happened--the "no-µ" behaviour is back.  Also (I am
not saying that I have a test case), some times the PDF is produced correctly,
but the preview isn't. Also, in the past, I have noticed that the (failed) .tex
for a (wrong) preview is slightly different. When the equation is definitely
wrong, I get to see the .tex in =/tmp/=, but the Emacs + LaTeX configuration is
so versatile that I get an output even if I type =\({µp\)= (which is a good
feature in most cases). Right now, 

1. setting (setq org-latex-pdf-process '("cp %f /tmp/debug.tex"))
2. reloading Org (org-reload) and
3. creating a new Org buffer 
4. preview or export to PDF 

does not produce =/tmp/debug.tex=. I hope that I was able to describe my
situation. Right now, I will look into =org-latex-packages-alist= again. I want
to say that I appreciate Emacs and Org very much. Thank you.

On Jun 4, 2023 at 5:52 PM, Timothy <> wrote:Hi Edgar,

> Looks promising!
> Is the functionality which I mentioned there as well? (get the .tex for the
preview even in absence of error)

Currently, no. Could you elaborate on why you’re interested in this

All the best,

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