Using emacs 29.0.9, org-mode 9.6.6

I noticed whenever my deadlines lack a time, like so: 

DEADLINE: <2023-06-12 Mon>

when I open the agenda view org-mode complains at me giving me this error: 

org-parse-time-string: Wrong type argument: stringp, (timestamp (:type active 
:raw-value "<2023-06-12 Mon>" :year-start 2023 :month-start 6 :day-start 12 …))

When I add a time to the deadline (even though I do not need one)

DEADLINE: <2023-06-12 Mon 12:00> 

the error message goes away. It does not matter what the time is, just that it 
has to be there.

This is rather strange given that it is easy to create deadlines without any 
times by default by simply selecting a date from the calendar and pressing 

Is this intentional or a bug? 

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