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> On 2023-06-05, at 15:57, Renato Pontefice <> wrote:
>> I don’t know if I’m writing on the right place, I try…
>> I’m try to work with Aquamacs (on my Macosx). 
>> When in emacs I press the combination C-u 21 C-c a a I obtain a 21 days 
>> calendar mode view on my buffer.
> This looks like a custom binding, not one built into Emacs.  Try

No, it is built-in.
See 11.3.1 Weekly/daily agenda section of Org manual.

Renato, Aqamacs means Emacs 25.
You might be using very, very old version of Org.
Try to update, but not to the latest (latest Org does not support Emacs
25 any more). This feature is 12 years old, so just a bit newer Org
compared to the built-in may work.

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