Carlo Tambuatco <> writes:

> Hey Ihor, I recently upgraded my emacs to emacs@29 via homebrew, and I know
> this is an
> old thread, but now that my new emacs version comes with org-9.6.6, I am
> getting the same
> issues as I detailed in this thread with my org capture templates. I tried
> to do a reproduce
> with emacs -q but the error does not reproduce in those conditions, so it
> might be an issue
> with org mode interacting with some of my other packages installed.
> I will include a list of emacs packages I have installed, and my
> org-init.el file. Maybe you
> could see if anything jumps out at you that is causing this weird behavior.

You may try to narrow down
the cause in your config.

If that does not work, we can try to arrange jitsi call to investigate
in more details.

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