Hello, fellow org users,

Until recently, I used to just Schedule a task once, and it would stay
in the agenda until it is done.

This has a nice property of having "Schedules x234 days" displayed near
the task in Agenda, so I know for how long this task has been hanging.

However, often I find myself wanting to make the task as "done for
today", meaning not that a task is finished, but rather that I have done
everything I could do today.

People around seem to suggest just re-scheduling it for tomorrow. This
way the task will disappear from the Agenda. However, this way I am
losing that nice metadata of "when a task was created".

This can be worked around by, say, creating a clock-in session right
after the creation of a task, or just marking it as a time-stamp, but
this looks unpleasant. It's more convoluted than just counting time
elapsed since "SCHEDULED" until "CLOSED".

So, is it possible to add, or maybe there is some built-in way of
accommodating for such a use-case? Maybe a way to automatically add a
"CREATED" time-stamp for a task? Or maybe hide from agenda the tasks
that "have a logbook entry today"?

Your sincerely,
Vladimir Nikishkin (MiEr, lockywolf)

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