Jens Schmidt <> writes:

> (setq org-adapt-indentation 'headline-data)
> Paste the following into a new org file, headline A being the on the
> first line:
> -------------------- snip --------------------
> ** Headline A
> ** Headline B
> ** Headline C
>     :properties:
> -------------------- snip --------------------
> Then try TAB on lines (my humble opinion in parentheses)
> 2: no indent (NOK)

This is right:

`org-adapt-indentation' docstring states

    When this variable is set to headline-data, Org only adapts the
    indentation of the data lines right below the headline, such as
    planning/clock lines and property/logbook drawers.

Blank line is not a planning/clock/line/property drawer/logbook.
So, we do not indent.

> 6: indent (OK)
> 7: indent (NOK)

This is a bug. Fixed now, on main.

The logic in `org-indent-line' did not account for blank lines after heading.

> 11: no indent (NOK)

This is also OK. ":properties:", from Org's point of view is not a
property drawer, but a paragraph (there is no closing :end: and property
values inside). So, it is not a headline data.

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