>>>>> "IR" == Ihor Radchenko <yanta...@posteo.net> writes:

IR> Are you sure?
IR> I can see 124017b6d that changes

IR> (setq org-agenda-tag-filter
IR>         (cons (concat (if exclude "-" "+") tag)
IR>               current))

IR> to

IR> (setq org-agenda-tag-filter
IR>         (cons (concat (if exclude "-" "+") tag)
IR>               (if accumulate current nil)))

IR> The former would leave the current filter unchanged.

IR> It would be nice to bisect down to the commit that changed the behaviour.
IR> As it usually goes with agenda, consequences of some changes are not
IR> always straightforward.

Since my data should all still be compatible with the old version I was using,
I’ll see if I can bisect this. I know I was used to that binding, but I’m not
100% certain it wasn’t due to extenuating factors in my configuration.

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