can you think of any differences between bugfix and main
that could result in

1) bugfix not producing certain agenda entries from the org
   outline (THE BUG)
2) with no obvious differences between the entries that show
   and the entries that do not
3) FROM A BATCH CALL.  removing --batch from the emacs call
   removes the bug.

i am merely hoping for an a priori idea about what might be
different from bugfix to main so that i don't have to do
what for unrealted reasons i cannot do at this time which is
produce an ecm.  27.1.  apologies for bad non-bug-report.


(info "(elisp) Startup Summary") says what --batch does
differehtly from interactive.  long ago i tried to make
testcase be like normal emacs gui use.  loads .emacs, which
batch does not.  i have no default library for batch to not
run.  i did not do the other stuff --batch does.  recently
adding (package-initialize) made no difference.

so idk what --batch is doing or not doing to screw up the
bugfix agenda but not main.

batch maint has sorting differences from main, which i will
presume are expected and fixable.


i wouldn't care about this issue but i like running my old
regression script to ensure agenda works ok.

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