No Wayman <> writes:

> No Wayman <> writes:
>> Evaluating the following source blocking an org mode buffer with 
>> no backing file:
> Interesting. I'm only able to reproduce it some of the time.
> I'll look into it more when I have time, but it may have been an 
> artifact of my Emacs session.

I saw

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "Buffer not visiting a file or directory")
  error("Buffer not visiting a file or directory")
  bookmark-set-internal("Set bookmark named" "org-capture-last-stored" 

Was it the same for you?

>>> I was able to trigger an error when capturing from non-Org 
>>> buffer, but
>>> that's expected - org-capture is not designed for such 
>>> scenarios.
> This seems unnecessarily restrictive considering there is a 
> "plain" entry type, but that's another issue/design consideration.

Hmm. plain entry type actually works, except the above error, which is
likely Emacs bug.

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