Nick Dokos <> writes:

> A couple of nits: maybe the comment that `org-back-to-heading' sets match
> data should be deleted?  And there is a typo in the initial comment of
> the test you added (thanks for adding it!): `:commends org' should be
> `:comments org'.

Fixed, on bugfix.

> Also, I found a couple of places in the code where `org-back-to-heading' is 
> called
> and then match data are used. I don't know if there is a problem or not, but 
> it might
> be worth double checking to make sure that the usage makes sense:
> - org.el: l.20792 in `org-forward-heading-same-level'
> - org-mouse.el: l.976 in `org-mouse-transform-to-outline'

Fixed, on bugfix.

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