On 29/06/2023 17:47, Ihor Radchenko wrote:
Max Nikulin writes:

I think, it is time to add a FAQ entry, see the attachment.

The proposed FAQ entry is overwhelming. It would work fine as a blog,

A blog with a couple of posts a year has a little sense. Moreover it is closer to a wiki article because it is supposed to be updated. That is why I asked for an alternative location on Worg for bonus or extra material for the manual.

To my taste FAQ is rather long already. If you have an idea of another
place on Worg where such tricks may be added then, please, share it.

FAQ is probably fine. We may add a CSS there that will fold the
answers by default.

When all entries are opened, it is possible to use search in browser. I am against the idea of hiding answers. However the table of contents, that is rather long and revealed on hover only, makes it harder to search in the TOC at first.

I have tried a random query "org-mode renumber footnotes" that is quite close to an entry from the document. Nether Google nor Bing offered FAQ on first 2 pages of search results. So FAQ is not friendly to search engines for some reasons. I am unsure if the rank may be improved by e.g. microdata schema.org attributes.

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