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> Zenny writes:
> > Thanks, this was extremely helpful. The pdf is produced, but the
> > Devanagari glyphs were not respected. See screenshot.
> Could you please create this MWE, and execute the same process?
> #+LaTeX_Header: \usepackage[english]{babel}
> #+LaTeX_Header: \usepackage{fontspec}
> #+LaTeX_Header: \newfontscript{Devanagari}{deva}
> #+LaTeX_Header: \babelprovide[onchar=ids fonts]{sanskrit-devanagari}
> #+LaTeX_Header: \babelfont[sanskrit-devanagari]{rm}{Noto Sans Devanagari}
> <some text in English>
> <some text in Devanagari>


With above MWE, the org can directly be exported to pdf, but

1. Glyphs in Devanagari are not respected as earlier
2. Bengali is completely skipped.


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