On 21/10/2023 04:39, Florin Boariu wrote:
   $ flatpak-spawn --host toolbox run /usr/bin/ditaa --help

Does it work when executed from Emacs shell or eshell buffers?

Could you, please, provide complete sequence of commands to generate a graphics file from a ditaa source for a shell running in Emacs?

Flatpack is a means to prevent accessing system files by applications that may have less degree of trust. I expect that a package should be carefully prepared to allow `man' and `info' access docs installed system-wide, files from /usr/share/doc should be available for doc-view, compiler toolchains should be available if Emacs is used for development. It sounds like rather broad permissions for isolated applications.

I'm not exactly sure
which code version the current Emacs Flatpak has, and I don't know how
to look

Menu: Org → Documentation → Show version, Help → About Emacs
or M-x org-version, M-x emacs-version.

PS: I'm not sure how to read this in gmane.
[…] Apparently I need to do it via

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