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>>> In my current source I see [...]
>>> (use C-h v org-babel-ditaa-java-cmd to see the value of the java
>>> executable — you can then customize this to use a different command)
>> As far as I understand that part of code it still kind-of assumes that
>> I'm using a command line of type "java -jar ditaa.jar ...", just with
>> more flexibility in choosing which "java" command I'm using, right?
> Yes, it does. ob-plantuml already migrated to allow a regular command,
> but ob-ditaa still only enables using the jar directly.
> That is something which would be nice to fix — and ob-plantuml should
> show the path forward.

This is a relatively simple task.
One can indeed use ob-plantuml as a reference to extend ob-ditaa.
Patches welcome!

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