SyedZuhair <> writes:

> The deadlock happens if org-resolve-clocks is called automatically (for
> resolving idle time) while focus is in a EXWM-mode buffer. The
> result is that the focus is stuck with the EXWM-mode buffer away from
> Emacs and the user can not tell EXWM to change the focus to the
> mini-buffer to interact with org because org is grabbing all the input
> away from EXWM.
> The only way out for the user is to kill the application in EXWM buffer
> from another ttyn terminal to be able to interact with
> org-resolve-clocks.
> See the issue discussion here as well: 

There is a reason why we switched to `read-char-exclusive'. See

I also do not see any reason why Org should not use
`read-char-exclusive' - the fact that EXWM does not support certain
Emacs primitives is not Org's problem, but a shortcoming of EXWM.

I would not mind changing `read-char-exclusive' to another equivalent if
that solves EXWM problem, but I am not aware about anything equivalent.
As you see in the above link, using `read-char' is not an option.

Not an Org bug.

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