Martin Steffen <> writes:

> I have been using the todo functionality for quite a while. I also
> adapted it to my needs, for instance using multiple keywords, not just
> the simple cycle TODO -> DONE -> "nothing" additionally I use my
> personal "coloring" and other adaptations.
> When I upgraded my OS (from fedora 38 to 39) a few days ago, also emacs
> was upgraded (to 29.1, before it was some 28.x version). At any rate,
> the handling of the TODO-items no longer follows my choices. My settings
> for instance include
> ...
> but the cycle is the vanilla TODO->DONE->"nothing" cycle. The other
> status keywords, the ones I chose as extra, are not recognised and
> treated as todo-markings, and thus for instance also not specifically
> colored.

I am unable to reproduce using both stable and main branches.

> PS: My org version is Org mode version 9.5.2 (release_9.5.2-286-gd01235)

This is not the latest version of Org. You can try to upgrade.

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